Contract Bottling

Tailored contract bottling solutions for many different kinds of drinks

We manufacture a superb range of bespoke brands for a wide variety of UK and international clients.

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Creating Brands

Our mission is to make high quality products for our clients. This is not just about pouring liquid into bottles but attention to the development process at all stages… from liquid development to packaging design.

Package Variety

We have our own spring on site with almost unlimited supply so we can offer natural spring water within our product claims. Most importantly, we can produce glass and plastic products in a wide variety of formats.

Flexible & Efficient

Clearly Drinks operates from a 60,000 square foot manufacturing site in Southwick, Sunderland, U.K. We offer a flexible and efficient production facility that delivers high quality products in relatively short runs.

Modern & Cost Efficient

Clearly Drinks also works very closely with packaging suppliers and flavour houses to keep up to date with technology and taste trends to create cost-effective solutions for the developing market.

High Standards

Continual investment in plant is being made to ensure equipment is up to date together with constant training to ensure we maintain a quality workforce and meet customers’ expectations.